Films filled with joy and reassurance that life is good and just. They contain no serious violence or other negative elements unless noted.

Alice | The American President | APOLLO 13 | Babe | Before Sunrise | Camilla | Cinema Paradiso | Corrina Corrina | Dave | The Distinguished Gentleman | Forrest Gump | Frankie Starlight | Impromptu | It Could Happen To You | Little Buddha | The Little Princess | Muriel's Wedding | Nine Months | Operation Dumbo Drop | Party Girl | Secret of Roan Inish | The Secret Garden | Three Wishes


Alice 1990 (C)(W)(M)

Directed by Woody Allen w. Mia Farrow, Alec Baldwin, Blythe Danner, Judy Davis, William Hurt, Julie Kavner, Keye Luke, Joe Mantegna, Bernadette Peters, Cybill Shepherd, James Toback, Gwen Verdon

Mia Farrow stars in Woody Allen's film about a rich housewife who is no longer content to shop till you drop and gets involved with Chinese mysticism & herbs. Through this she discovers romance and spirituality, and makes positive changes in her life. Totally charming as well as spiritually illuminating, this is one of Allen's best films, very funny but not wacky.

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The American President 1995 (C)

Directed by Rob Reiner with Michael Douglas, Annette Bening, Michael J. Fox

The American President is an illuminating statement about the political process and important contemporary social issues. Great acting, writing and directing are combined to make it extremely entertaining, educational and romantic.

It is the story of the personal and political life of a young widowed President and his daughter. Michael Douglas is at his best in this role, portraying the perfect President. He's caring, relaxed, truthful, loving to his staff, daughter and friends. Always gentle and kind, intelligent and funny, never angry, compassionate to everyone's needs and sensitive to killing even in the course of an apparently justified military action.

Annette Benning as the President's ladyfriend is totally charming and funny as the environmental activist he falls in love with. She's feisty, intelligent and aggressive, which turns the President on, not off as is usually the case when a man is confronted by a strong woman.

The film is humanitarian and liberal and makes fun of some of the superficial "conservative family values" which are irrelevant to being loving, truthful and caring. It is about the necessity and ultimately the success of "right action," by people who are part of the political process. Important issues like gun control, anti-crime bills and environmental legislation are examined.

It also has many important comments on the press, makes you aware that the purpose of government is to care for the people's welfare, handle global conflict gently with compassion, care for the environment, etc. Probably its most important message is to be aware of the real issues regarding who to vote for, not to buy into the character assassinations which plague politics today.

This film parallels the present situation where Clinton is obviously a caring politician with an intelligent eye on issues like the environment, welfare, education, etc., while the Republicans are constantly attacking him with negative character issues unrelated to his real hopes and dreams for this country. It's obvious Clinton/Gore care about all people. They are good human beings dedicated to the balanced and just resolution of the real issues.

Ultimately this film makes its point that we want to live in a just society led by a loving government, not in one which controls the electorate through fear and misrepresentation, while supporting industry to the detriment of the environment, allowing weapons lobbies to have their way.

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APOLLO 13 1995 (C)(F)

Directed by Ron Howard, w. Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxton, Gary Sinese, Ed Harris.

The story of the ill fated, but not tragic, Apollo 13 mission to the moon in 19??. An incredible, uplifting and thrilling tale of survival and faith, of human intelligence, mastery, and God. This unique and exciting film creates suspense without violence and is as educational as it is fascinating. It shows the value of calmness in the face of danger.

Although you know in the beginning that it will end well, you are still on the edge of your seat, not so much with tension, but with wonder and interest. Superbly acted and directed, there are numerous scenes of weightlessness which are, alone, worth seeing the film for. Teenagers will like this non-violent film as much as many other action films because it is interesting from both the scientific and dramatic aspects. A good film for everyone 6 and over.

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Babe 1995 (C)(F)

Directed by Chris Noonan, w. James Cromwell, Magda Szubanski

This is a rare and unusual film, equally charming and enjoyable for both adults and children, it contains lessons about life for both and teaches many positive things in a really delightful way. It personifies innocence in the form of a young pig, who is the heroine of the film. This is not an animated film - the cinematography is of real places and real animals. Animatronics are used to simulate animal action scenes. But you don't notice it at all. It all looks real. Animals talk lovingly and intelligently to one another. Kids can get a good sense of being connected to animals from this film. If you want to persuade your child to be a vegetarian this film will help you.

The film shows that love and communication are more powerful in getting what you want than violence and intimidation, that you should believe in your ideas, even if no one else does, and has lots of other positive messages for kids and adults alike.

Unlike most other contemporary children's films which emphasize fear, violence, and fighting as central plot devices, this is a truly gentle film. The entire experience is soothing. The soundtrack is mellow and the voices loving, even those of the "mean" animals. Often in a children's film we are taken aback by the harsh and shrill sounds of the musical score, but not here. Enjoy this with your kids. It will enchant you. We feel it was one of the top films of 95, and the 'Best Film' Academy Award for which it was nominated (but did not win) would have been justified.

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Before Sunrise 1994 (W)

Directed by Richard Linkletter w. Julie Delphy, Ethan Hawke

Using a deceptively simple, cinema verite style, "Before Sunrise" takes a breathtaking look at a poetically written, deeply philosophical, and yet very romantic encounter between two twenty-three year olds who meet on an overnight train ride through Europe. French actress Julie Delphy is superbly expressive and natural in her role as a student of the prestigious Sorbonne School. Ethan Hawke is excellent in therole of the awkward American, "searching for himself". At the threshold of adulthood they discuss the concerns of their generation,including parents, the war in Bosnia, careers, love, God and the meaning of life.

Vienna provides an evocative backdrop for this extraordinary film. It is great to see such wisdom and subtlety from Richard Linkletter, a very promising young director.

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Camilla 1995 (W)

Directed by Deepa Mehta, w/ Jessica Tandy, Bridget Fonda, Hume Cronin, Ellias Koteas

Two women of very differing ages find renewal and inspiration for life and for their music in each other's friendship. Their adventures will make you laugh. A good film for women about breaking down boundaries that are either self imposed or prescribed by society. Bridget Fonda is believable as her character goes through her transformation. Jessica Tandy plays a woman independent and proud, but with a sensuality that is an important element of this sweet story. Tandy and Cronin are beautiful together as usual and we are saddened that this was one of Jessica's last performances.

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Cinema Paradiso 1989 (S)

Directed by Guiseppe Tornatore w. Philippe Noriet, JacquesPerrin, Salvatore Cascio

A heartwarming story of Toto, a young boy in love with the cinema and his mentor Alfredo, the projectionist at the Cinema Paradiso movie theater in a small fishing village in Sicily during World War 2. This best picture Academy Award winning film is one of the most exhilaratingfilms we have ever seen.

Toto becomes Alfredo's apprentice and a beautiful father/son relationship develops over many years. Alfredo teaches him about life as they share their passion and love for cinema.

The film is a joyous ode to cinema and its power to awaken the feeling of Paradise within simple people. It strengthens their community, invigorates their spirit, heals and transports them to a higher state, offering the villagers a series of dream worlds beyond their own simplelives. The faces of the townspeople are unforgettable as we see them weep and roar with laughter watching films. Comedy and drama make them forget their problems and bring them together while women breast feed and teenage boys sit and share emotions they would dare not otherwise express.

Alfredo instructs Toto with his cinema wisdom, which in the end we see is his own. When Toto grows into manhood Alfredo fiercely, but lovingly helps him move on teaching him to love whatever he chooses to do.

There are many magic cinematic moments showing the miracle of destiny. You laugh and weep just like the Sicilian villagers, profoundly touched by the loving, real characters and romantic vision of this film.

The film shows the loss of cinema as a major inspiration for our dreams, and the ensuing cultural regression brought about by the advent of TV. Ultimately, the film is about Alfredo's gift of love, joy, passion and delight to his young apprentice that serves as an inspiration for his entire life.

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Corrina Corrina 1994 (W)(P)(M)

Directed by Jesse Nelson, w. Whoopi Goldberg, Ray Liotto, TinaMajorino, Don Ameche.

Set in the 1950's, this beautiful story of a father (Ray Liotto) and his eight year old daughter begins sadly just after the death of their wife/mother. (Neither she nor her death is seen.) The father then hires Corrina (Whoopi Goldberg) as a nanny for his daughter.

Corrina is a wise woman whose love and spirituality help the child transcend her grief. She introduces the concepts of angels and God to the little girl and ultimately to her resistant father. The film shows how positive these concepts are for children and how readily they can accept them.

Corrina is powerful and effective despite the class conscious and prejudiced society of this time period. Respect and love allow the characters to overcome the narrow-mindedness they encounter. Whoopi and Liotto play excellent role models, and the acting throughout is superb.

The film contains wisdom about communication with children, racial prejudice and injustice, dealing with grief, the positive role of faith and religion in the healing process, the evils of smoking, and more.

It is touching, humorous and serious. Its many heart-warming moments will make you laugh and cry. It is important to see loving people and relationships such as these. An excellent musical soundtrack complements this highly intelligent and meaningful story.

Caution: A parent dying and the ensuing grief of the child makes it unsuitable for young children.

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Dave 1993 (C)(P)

Directed by Ivan Reitman w. Kevin Kline, Sigourney Weaver, Ben Kingsley, Charles Grodin, Bonnie Hunt, Frank Langelia

Dave is a romantic comedy with a serious political and humane message about governing and government. Innocence and righteousness win against corrupt political behavior - the nice guy comes out on top.

In this "Cyrano" type story, Kevin Kline is a good-hearted community serving man who finds himself forced to impersonate the President in a scandalous attempt to keep the public in the dark about the real President's illness. As he speaks for the President he starts interjecting his own honesty and concern for the people, qualities the real President does not possess.

The First Lady (Sigourney Weaver) is truly concerned for the people, and is repulsed by the lack of integrity and corruption of her husband and his advisors. The beautiful values this film espouses warm the heart and soul. It encourages ordinary people to contribute something to the political process. Everyone has ideas and beliefs that are important in a democracy. The professional politicians who understand how the political process works are not always the ones who will do the best thing for the people.

We are educated about politics and enchanted by the romance and warm-hearted comedy.

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The Distinguished Gentleman 1992 (C)(P)

Directed by Jonathon Lynn w/ Eddie Murphy, Joe Don Baker, Cynthia Harris, James Garner

This is an unusual Eddie Murphy film - simultaneously funny, politically incisive, and inspirational. As a low class petty con artist who runs for Congress as a scam because there is money in it, he shows us what seems to be a close-to-reality portrait of politicians as common criminals. The romantic sub plot is sweet and touching.

His campaign is hilarious and gives us clear insight into some of the darker tactics used by politicians to get elected. However, after winning, and managing to fit in with other crooks in office, he is then confronted by the honest intentions and integrity of people who he represents. Slowly, he begins to feel responsible to them and becomes concerned about real issues and not just accumulating power and money.

The film is a serious political statement about the system of government today and how business in Congress is done - showing us the "way it is." The Capraesque screenplay of innocence gone to Washington is brilliant and Eddie Murphy is at his best. He's extremely loveable as a rogue, and his turnaround from slime to integrity and caring is a joy as well as an education for the audience. The Distinguished Gentleman explains the pitfalls of government as well as any other film we have seen while at the same time being a hilarious parody. It's also about being a beneficial presence and finding meaning in life by helping and caring for people rather than just existing selfishly.

The film makes you think about who you are and what principles ar eimportant in life. It discusses environmental issues and helps you understand the nature of the tough decisions facing politicians today. It beseeches us to do the right thing despite pressure to the contrary from special interest groups, and shows where the conservative power interests lie and how money corrupts politicians, and manages to be entertaining and humorous throughout.

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Forrest Gump 1994 (C)

Directed by Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Peggy Sue GotMarried), w/ Tom Hanks, Sally Fields, Gary Sinese.

Perhaps the best known Uplifting Film of 1994, this wonderful portrait of innocence rewarded is based on the book by Winston Groom. Hanks, as Forrest Gump, takes us through a life of amazing achievements and astonishing coincidences with a unique, funny and charming sense of humanity. Forrest is a simple person with a low IQ who acts from his heart rather than his intellect and therefore unerringly does the loving and right thing every time. Its basic concept is similar to Being There with Peter Sellers. Gump also provides a striking vision of some of the most important historical events of the 1950's and 60's to the present.

A whole passel of Oscars went to this one, including best film and Hanks' second straight Oscar for best actor. Provisio: There are some violent bloody Vietnam War scenes which although a very small part of the film are nevertheless disturbing.

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Frankie Starlight 1996

Directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg w. Anne Parillaud, Matt Dillon, Gabriel Byrne

This film is an ode to life and love. Despite some tragic events, its sheer joyous ness keeps increasing as the film goes on. It is a very touching depiction of many types of love and understanding.

Wartime trauma brings Bernadette, a young French woman, to Ireland where she gives birth to a dwarfed son "Frankie". This mother's absolute and unconditional love for her son helps Frankie to accept who he is and what he looks like. "We are all small in the universe" she tells him. But the film is not about his physical condition, it is about people, one of whom happens to have been born a dwarf.

The adult male characters in the story treat Frankie like a son. They respect him, love him, and share their knowledge of life with him. One man (Gabriel Byrne) shares his love of astronomy with Frankie whose fervor and passion give us a feeling of child like wonderment and fascination withthe beauty of the night sky.

There are exceptional women and their triumph over pain and hardship by dint of their strong and virtuous nature is amazing to see. They are able to forgive and be forgiven.

Watching the beauty and depth of Frankie as he grows is a great step towards empathetic learning. Coming to accept our bodies as we are growing up is almost always a challenge. When children are physically different than others and are prejudged and treated cruelly, it can be excessively painful. But Frankie matures with wisdom and awareness. He explains his appearance to another child as "just something that happens." Physical differences don't hinder his ability to give and receive love, and in this movie we find an amazing love story.

Proviso: an emotionally painful sex scene, unexpected death

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Impromptu 1990 (W)

Directed by James Lapine; w. Judy Davis, Hugh Grant, Mandy Patinken, Bernadette Peters.

A true historical depiction with comedy, romance, & classical music. Nineteenth century England is the setting for this more than a love story about George Sand, an extremely independent woman writer, who often wore stylish men's clothes and took a male nom de plume in order to be published. She does not allow the mediocrity, pettiness, and hypocrisy of ordinary life stop her from being a sincere, loving, creative, intelligent, unique, independent and strong spirited woman. A portion of the film deals with her romance with Frederick Chopin. It portrays the vicissitudes of an artist's life. Highly inspirational for woman who dare to bedifferent.

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It Could Happen To You 1994 (C)(F)(W)

Directed by Andrew Bergman w. Nicolas Cage, Bridget Fonda, Rosie Perez

A romantic comedy about a New York City policeman (Nicolas Cage) who wins the lottery, and honors his promise to share the money witha waitress (Bridget Fonda). Loosely based on a true story, the film has the light hearted style of the old fashioned comedies of the 40's.

Their love story stresses the importance of compassion as a basis for romance. Both characters believe that it is better to give than to receive, and neither treasures money for its own sake. Without revealing the touching and surprising ending, we can say they are ultimately rewarded for this philosophy. The film comically contrasts the materialism and greed of society with the innocence and generosity of Fonda and Cage.

These wonderful good samaritans personify true spirituality and demonstrate the importance of integrity and caring, especially in an environment as cynical as New York City. Nicolas Cage shows dignity in the throes of a bad marriage, while Bridget Fonda is angelic, strong and independent.

It Could Happen To You portrays faith in life, leaving you unafraid and expecting miracles. The film's narrator Angel personifies its main message - good things happen to good people. At the end of this charming film, the audience applauded and left the theater smiling.

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Little Buddha 1994 (F)(M)

Directed by Bernardo Bertolucci w/ Bridget Fonda, Chris Isaak, Keanu Reeves, Jo Champa

The story of Buddha, intertwined with a parallel tale of a contemporary American boy identified as being the reincarnation of a Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader. The Siddhartha legend is beautifully depicted. An inspiring movie for all ages, it contains much love and wisdom. Through the eyes of the ten year old boy the cultures of the Eastand West are brought together. We gain insight into Buddhist principles, meditation and reincarnation. An adventure story of the spirit rather than the flesh.

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The Little Princess 1995 (F)

Directed by Alfonso Cuaron w/ Eleanor Bron, Liesel Mathews, Liam Cunningham

This is an extraordinary film for all, but especially for young girls ages 6 - 16 It shows the importance of faith, trusting your instincts and believing in yourself. An 11 year old girl (Liesel Mathews), forced to live in a boarding school while her father is fighting in World War I, creates a world of magical fantasy and love for all those around her, even while suffering at the hands of the head mistress. Every woman should see this wisdom filled film because the young girl is an important role model for women. We found it totally enchanting. Based on a novel by Francis Hodgson Burnette who wrote The Secret Garden, (1994 film version is highly recommended.)

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Muriel's Wedding 1995 (C)(W)

Directed by Paul J. Hogan; W. Toni Collette

Another good film from Australia. A young homely woman, trying not to be as dysfunctional as her family, dreams constantly of marriage and being a desirable women. A very funny and unique approach that displays hypocrisies in people and society that lead young women to feelings of inadequacy. Although there is sadness, suicide, illness, death and pathos in this film it is not the main focus and the film remains uplifting. It is a film about coming of age, finding yourself and keeping your integrity in the process. The heroine holds out for true love and friendship, while taking care of her responsibilities and remains true to herself. Proviso: suicide, paralizing accident, death.

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Nine Months 1995 (C)

Directed by Chris Columbus (Home Alone 2, Mrs. Doubtfire) w. Hugh Grant, Julianne Moore, Tom Arnold, & Robin Williams.

A wonderful film with an important message about fatherhood and commitment. Hugh Grant is in a loving relationship with Julianne Moore, but is fearful of having children - worried about changing his life, and moving on to the next stage. Hilariously and sensitively, he gets past it and finds something better than what he was afraid to lose. A great film for young adults.

The dialogue is especially good when it comes to differences between the way men and woman think about relationships, children, etc. The filmmaker gives you an incisive look at the limitations and drawbacks tothe particular type of "male" thinking that Grant's character embodies - limitations which the characters comes to recognize in the end. On the other hand the woman discuss issues which are important to them (and to nearly all woman,) and appear stable, loving, and capable. It is uplifting to see Julianne retain her integrity, strength, and wisdom throughout, while helping Grant to mature and become happy.

Even a silly slapstick brawling scene has its serious message, when for example Grant and Arnold begin fighting while their wives are in labor, showing how aggressive tendencies can cause men to be disconnected from important, loving things going on around them. Overall the film is a really enjoyable light hearted evening at the movies with the potential to do a great service for some who are in the same mind space as the character played by Hugh Grant.

Robin Williams shows that although he is a very fine dramatic actor, as a comedian he has almost no parallel. The film is worth seeing for his performance alone. A soft and loving Julianne Moore, and an abrasive Tom Arnold are more than engaging to watch in this well directed film.

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Operation Dumbo Drop 1995 (C)(CH over 9))

Directed by Simon Wincer, w. Danny Glover, Ray Liotto, Corin Nemec.

A joyous surprise! We expected that it might be a good kids' movie which would be reasonably tolerable to us adults. Instead we got a great movie for nearly eveyone. Based loosely on true events, this very original human interest film tells the story of a group of US soldiers who have to transport an elephant through the Vietnamese jungles during the war.

Its amazing to see a film, set in war, which has no onscreen killing or serious violence. The film contains various themes, woven together interestingly, showing brotherhood, trust, loving, friendship and faith, and a good helping of adventure.

A story of courage, luck and good intentions, it is very uplifting. Kids will enjoy the elephant (who is airborne at times) and a little boy who befrends him. The audience is deeply touched and the characters are profound. The film is inspirational and memorable for its scenes with the elephant and its depiction of a small vietnamese village as well as for its unique story.

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Party Girl 1995 (W)

Directed by Daisy Von Scherler Mayer w. Parker Posey

An independent first feature by a woman director about a woman (Parker Posey) finding her way out of the party girl persona thrust upon her by the cultural values girls are subjected to. An intelligent crazy comedy with beautiful statements about the confusion, friendship, pathos, problems and solutions of this generation.

If you are over 60 you will probably not relate, but it is a must see for teenagers, 20 something and their parents. This film is wonderfully uplifting and funny, with serious insight into maturity, coming of age and finding yourself. "Life is a garden and we are all flowers." It has an excellent look despite its low budget. Parker Posey is amazing as the young girl finding her way from ditzdom to responsibility and integrity. If she doesn't become a major film star it will be cinema's loss.

This film and Clueless have many of the same themes, but are set in totally different worlds as far as age and social environment. "Clueless" offers one view of a materialistic teen scene and was directed by a seasoned Hollywood director where as "Party Girl" offers a view of a 20 year old of the Generation X in New York's Lower East Village and was directed by first time female director with an extremely low budget. It was wonderful to see them within a few days of one another. Highly recommended.

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Secret of Roan Inish 1994 (F)(CH - 8+)(M)

Directed by John Sayles w/ Jeni Courtney, Richard Sheridan

This mythological story takes us on a captivating adventure that the whole family can enjoy. Our heroine is an enchanting ten year old girl living with her grandparents in a remote fishing village on the Irish Coast where the local people tell fabulous tales about seals. The characters are wise and loving and give us insight into the past and fisherman's lives and love of the sea.

The young girl's courage and relentlessness as she uncovers a legend surrounding her family is spellbinding. She undertakes and accomplishes incredible tasks with the help of her cousin. This film is about following your dreams and making the world a better place for those around you. Young girls will especially enjoy this film. It is a joyous film that will elevate your mind and heart!

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The Secret Garden 1994 (F)(CH - 6+)

Based on the children's classic by Francis Hodgeson Burnette, the author of The Little Princess (also highly recommended.) A magical film about a strong willed ten year old girl who goes to live with her uncle and cousin in the English countryside at the turn of the century. This independent, strong and delightful character impacts everyone around her and brings life and love to her young cousin. Visually stunning and rewarding, the film shows how illness and faulty belief systems can be overcome by the power of love coupled with strength of character. A film that all young girls should see, it exalts the magic of nature, the power of love, and advances a "believe in your inner feelings" ethic for young ladies. Recommended for the whole family - all ages - to watch together. This is a live character film, not animated, so be careful to rent this version as there are several on the market.

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Three Wishes 1995 (F)(CH 7+)

Directed by Martha Coolidge w. Patrick Swayze, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

A mother and her two young sons experience metaphysical magi cwhile trying to cope with the death of their husband/father during the Korean War. Although this film deals with illness, death and hard times it joyously demonstrates how negative events can be turned positive.

A kind, loving mother (Mastrantonio) feels compelled to offer an injured drifter (Swayze) and his dog a place to stay. This causes quite a stir in her conservative suburban neighborhood in the 1950's. Family and friends urge her to re-marry quickly. Neighborhood children lack compassion for the sons' loss of their father. Their outlook is bleak until the drifter arrives in town.

A mystical air surrounds the drifter. His kind, gentle manner is so unlike the other men in the neighborhood that they dismiss him as odd and distasteful. However the mother and her sons begin experiencing magical events with the arrival of this man and his dog. He teaches the older son and his entire baseball team a meditative non-aggressive approach which greatly improves their game. Baseball becomes a metaphor for learning about life. The younger son befriends the dog and soon learns that it too has magical powers.

Both the mother and the drifter's patience and non-judgemental attitudes make them terrific role models. The mother is strong, loving and wants the best for her children but not at the expense of her self respect. She must choose between marrying someone she does not love so her sons will have a father to support them, or continuing alone and pursuing a business venture she feels has good potential.

This film is about learning to be yourself, appreciating all you have and the rewards of daring to be different. The end is amazingly uplifting. You will believe in the power of hope, magic and guardian angels after seeing this film!

This is a film for the whole family. Children from from age 7 can enjoy this as much as adults.

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Excellent films we found uplifting despite some tension due to the presence of moderate violence or other negative elements. The listings in this category describe the nature of content which may be disturbing.

Shining Through | The Sorceress



Shining Through (W)

Directed by ?, w. Melanie Griffith, Michael Douglas

A thrilling, edge of your seat true story of a woman who spies for the allies in Germany during World War II. A great love story as well, which bring tears of joy to your eyes at the end. There is some violence in the film, but as it is a true story, and such a great moviegoing experience, we judge that it is worth seeing - like eating too much too sweet dessert - not great for your body, but definitely a memorable and worthwhile experience.

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The Sorceress 1992 (F-French) (W)

Directed by Suzanne Schiffman, w. Tcheky Karyo, Christine Boisson.

Historical drama, new age metaphysical. The true story of a 13th century woman whose ability to heal with herbs is powerfully depicted. Her purity, dedication, and knowledge are inspirational.

A woman acts as doctor and nurse using herbs and psychic projection to heal the ill of the village. The story of her struggle with the church with an uplifting ending.

(There are several other films on video with the same title. One is a sci-fi exploitation, another a 1953 french film. This film is distributed by "Mystic Fire Video.")

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