I began this concept and site years back and for many reasons have had to put it on hold. The material on this site is taken from a proposal to do a book of the same name, so it may be a bit awkward in context until I manage to change it all. Presently, I hope to bring this site alive and current, adding more old and new films to it. We have a list of over 1000 films that qualify and we stopped adding to the list in 1997. Presently I'm looking for angels, investors or best of all, angelic investors, to support making this site into a strong positive influence in society which will support the making of more positive films as well as guiding viewers to seeing them.

is a listing of films available on video which have a positive vision of life, leave you feeling good and contain little or no violence, exploitative sex or other types of negative imagery. It recommends films that delight, inspire, educate and enlighten. Films are evaluated from the perspective of feeling and love - first from the heart, secondarily from the intellect.

The films listed are drawn from mainstream, independent, and foreign films made for the most part during the past thirty-five years.

We look for positive role models, important messages, humor, and beneficial women's or children's themes. There is a Political section for positive political films. However since political films invariably contain violence of some sort, we describe the nature of disturbing content so viewers can decide if the experience of the message is worth the "negative" aspects of the film experience. Occasionally we find an action adventure film that we recommend. These are listed in our Tense Drama section.

We are not advocates of censorship, for example we have no objection to loving sexuality or nudity on screen, but we do note its presence out of respect for those who wish to avoid it, perhaps for those who wish to see it. In general, we support positive films rather than being against negative ones. We will, however, occasionally comment on a very negative film in current release to warn the movie viewer against being fooled by misleading promotion.

can be thought of as a guide to mind nutrition for film viewers. The concept that films affect people's psyches and behavior should be as self evident as the knowledge that food affects one's health. Subjected to images in a dark, quiet space, the mind does not wholly differentiate between reality and fantasy. Watching rape, murder, etc., on the screen releases similar visceral and chemical reactions in the body as the actual situation would. We hope this book will sensitize people and help them become aware of the way they feel after seeing an uplifting film versus a negative one.

Studies and essays by health personalities such as Bernie Siegel, Norman Cousins, Andrew Weil, Deepek Chopra and others support the concept that positive imagery can effect people's health. People are very concerned with quality of life. They go to great lengths to make their food, water, and environment as poison-free as possible. Watching an Uplifting Film is like having a nourishing meal for the spirit! We hope that by supporting positive films, more will be made and their prominence in the fabric of society expanded.